Mobile Support for e-Maintenance - eMari - Projektin general description

Mobile Support for e-Maintenance - eMari - General description

The overall objective of the eMari-project is to develop and demonstrate methods that utilize mobile technology, for supporting (field) service activities during the product lifecycle. It starts by examining what is involved in field service, explores opportunities to enhance revenues, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction through improved field service, and outlines (strategic and) technical considerations for bringing these goals to fruition in companies field service organization. The project will also find out expedients of how cultural and language differences should be taken in the account in the maintenance business.

A lot of challenges must be overcome when implementing mobile applications for supporting service activities during the product lifecycle, e.g.:

  1. How to monitor the products to be sure that they are used correctly and need for maintenance is observed before the fault occurs.
  2. How to utilise mobile terminals as a user interface for the field force personnel, for accessing product data and communicating the remote service centre.
  3. How to help persons having different educational background and different skill levels in performing maintenance tasks, using mobile terminals.
  4. What is the cost effective and reliable service concept and operating model to operate in global market.
  5. What are the processes where applying mobile and wireless technologies is most efficient.

Solutions for the challenges are studied by examining the whole process from information production to information use in maintenance, instead of just developing mobile technologies. The challenges include:

  1. Integrating the maintenance information used by the mobile terminals into product lifecycle information management process
  2. Culture and language independent user interfaces to the maintenance information.;
  3. Reporting the maintenance actions.
  4. Remote connections to the enterprise resource planning systems and different parties involved in maintenance work.

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