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Works package 1: Analysing the needs and the current processes of the participating companies

What is studied?: The goal of Work Package 1 is to clarify the current state of the service business and enabling technology in participating companies, to get the overall knowledge of needs and requirements of the global service business, service processes and future visions related to the services and technology. Particular emphasis will be laid to the level of utilization of the mobile technology and the needs for applying mobile technology in the area of industrial services. As for background information, the research will also study how services are actually developed and what are the driving forces for service development. The aforementioned knowledge and derived conclusions were aimed to be used as steering purposes of other work packages.

Why: Analysing the current status of the service business in the companies enables efficient implementation of the other work packages and also helps to create research results that are easily utilised after the research project is over.


  • Subtask 1: Planning the interviews and literature research.
  • Subtask 2: Interviews at the companies.
  • Subtask 3: Analysing the information.

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