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Work package 2. Producing information for supporting the mobile maintenance

What is studied? How to produce the product information so that it supports mobile technologies in maintenance? Potential specific research subjects are e.g.

  • producing operating and maintenance instruction so that they can be used in different user interfaces
  • transforming the engineering data, e.g. CAD models, so that I they can be used in mobile terminals
Why? The information production processes are often optimised for production of traditional user interfaces, e.g. paper and large screen work stations. Transforming this information so that it can be used in mobile terminals requires extra work, that makes applying mobile terminals too expensive or the way information is represented in the mobile terminal is not optimal or the information cannot be used at all in the mobile terminals.


  • Subtask 1: Literature research
  • Subtask 2: On the basis of the results of work package 1, the requirements set by the mobile maintenance to the information production processes are described.
  • Subtask 3: The possibilities offered by the latest research and tools for information production are studied and new methods developed.
  • Subtask 4: The developed methodologies are evaluated by implementing software demonstrations


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