Mobile Support for e-Maintenance - eMari - Projektin general description

Workpackage 3: The interface between mobile devices and maintenance related information processing systems.

What is studied?

  • How can the mobile device communicate with the maintenance related information processing systems through a uniform interface?
  • How and which stages would it be the most reasonable to carry out the synchronising, reduplication and saving of the information contained by the mobile device and by other information processing systems?

Why? The maintenance data has been often saved in different systems (CMMS, ERP, document management,the control systems of the devices, sensors etc.). The searching of the information for and updating to the separate systems requires decent system interfaces and possibly correct middleware solutions.


  • Subtask 1: Literary research, standard specifications.
  • Subtask 2: On the basis of the results of workpackage 1 the requirements, set by the mobile maintenance, to the maintenance related information processing systems are described. The possibilities offered by the existing standards are clarified (for example Mimosa).
  • Subtask 3: The possibilities offered by the currently available software interfaces are studied with the help of the software demonstrations.


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