Mobile Support for e-Maintenance - eMari - Projektin general description

Workpackage 5: Using mobile equipments in maintenance

What is studied? We are searching for solutions that take into account requirements and possibilities of mobile work: e.g. interactive documents and maintenance manuals, size and other technical limitations of the mobile terminals, varying working conditions of the maintenance work, adjustability to the conditions, improving the quality of reporting, making predictive maintenance more effective etc.

Why? Mobility offers new possibilities in using the maintenance systems and enables possibilities for implementing new tools for the maintenance personnel. Goal is also to recognise possibilities of the mobile terminals and new user interfaces in reporting..


  • Subtask 1: Literature research and software demonstrations.
  • Subtask 2: Developing new methods for enabling mobile reporting so that information can be utilised in diagnostics and prognostics.
  • Subtask 3: Developing methods for locating the equipment to be maintained and getting the right information into the mobile terminal. Examples of the technologies to be studied: RFID, camera readable tags, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS.



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