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WP 6 To present information independent of language and culture

What is studied? .
In WP6 we are concentrating on researching the needs of end users, especially from the points of view of culture and language.
WhyThe machine industry business has been a global business for a very long time. The methods and processes of selling machines is well known and companies have traded successfully in all continents. Machines for various purposes, for example within the mining industry, have become very complicated and thus require lots of knowledge in order to maintain and repair them. On the other hand, manufacture of simple machines with low productivity is no longer profitable, because of high competition. Now, however, when business is changing, the main business is no longer selling machines but selling services to customers related to the use of the machinery. The key issue is that the machines must work reliably and make profit for their owners.


  • Subtask 1. Literature research
  • Subtask 2. The demands and the possibilities of independence from language and culture
  • Subtask 3. Development of new methods as to how information for service personnel can be presented in mobile devices
  • Subtask 4 Demonstrations of methods in the form of demonstrations
  • Subtask 5. Reporting. Deliverables:
    • Report on the requirements regarding differences in culture and work discipline
    • Experimental methods as to how the differences can be taken into account when using mobile devices.
    • Demonstrations in cooperation with other WPs
    • Articles in scientific magazines or conference papers as part of doctoral dissertation work.

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